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Go to the next level with Windows

Do more with ASP.NET, ASP, .Net Core, and SQL with our trusted Microsoft Windows servers.


Always Available

24/7/365 U.S.-based expert support



Guaranteed 99.9% uptime


Fast Speed

Industry leading performance and load times.

Price & Plans

In addition to our Windows Plans, we also offer Linux Plans

  • Websites
  • Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • MySQL Databases
  • MSSQL Databases
  • FTP Users
  • DNS
  • SSL / Security
  • Site backup & restore
Plesk Economy


Get Started
  • 1Webites
  • 100GB Storage
  • Unmetered*Bandwidth
  • 10 (1 GB ea.) Speed
  • 1 (200 MB) MSSQL
  • 50 Users MSSQL
  • -DNS
  • Paid OptionSSL
  • Paid OptionBackup
Plesk Deluxe


Purchase Now
  • UnlimitedWebsites
  • Unmetered Storage
  • Unmetered*Bandwidth
  • 25 (1 GB ea.) Speed
  • 2 (200 MB) MSSQL
  • 50 Users MSSQL
  • -DNS
  • Paid OptionSSL
  • Paid OptionBackup
Plesk Ultimate


Get Started
  • UnlimitedUnmetered
  • UnmeteredStorage
  • Unmetered*Bandwidth
  • Unlimited (1 GB ea.) Speed
  • Unlimited (200 MB) MSSQL
  • UnlimitedMSSQL
  • PremiumDNS
  • 1-Year SSL certificate (restrictions apply)SSL
  • Paid OptionBackup


Create Account
  • 10 Teams
  • 120 Users
  • 60mbps Bandwidth
  • 100GB Hosting
  • 100MB Speed
  • 5TB Storage
  • 500 Email
  • 100 Domain


Create Account
  • 10 Teams
  • 220 Users
  • 100mbps Bandwidth
  • 150GB Hosting
  • 140MB Speed
  • 512TB Storage
  • 800 Email
  • 300 Domain


Create Account
  • 66 Teams
  • 236 Users
  • 80mbps Bandwidth
  • 500GB Hosting
  • 400MB Speed
  • 30TB Storage
  • 900 Email
  • 1200 Domain

*We don’t limit the amount of storage and bandwidth your site can use as long as it complies with our Hosting Agreement. Should your website bandwidth or storage usage present a risk to the stability, performance or uptime of our servers, we will notify you via email and you may be required to upgrade, or we may restrict the resources your website is using. It’s very rare that a website violates our Hosting Agreement and is typically only seen in sites that use hosting for file sharing or storage.

**Email account storage is limited to 1000 email accounts with 1 GB of total storage.

***After the initial free year, the certificate will automatically renew at the then-current price until canceled. You can cancel your automatic renewal certificate at any time.

Top quality hardware

All plans utilize Windows® Server 2012 R2.

Quick App installs

1-click install of 125+ free applications. (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.)

Web Security

24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection

Database Storage

200MB MSSQL database storage


Flexible, easy-to-use control panel

Need More Power? We've got Business Hosting.​

Business Hosting plans offer private-server speed with cPanel simplicity.

It's Hosting (plus goodies!) made just for WordPress

It’s Hosting (plus goodies!)
made just for WordPress​

Be smart. Stay smart. Back it up.

Our Website Backup automatically backs up your data – every day. You can restore your data with a single click. And we’re offering it for only $2.99/mo. That’s smart.


Experience high-performance SSDs on OpenStack for 3X the speed plus unlimited traffic. You also get KVM virtualization for full control of your hardware resources.

Easy admin/unlimited accounts

Create unlimited hosting accounts with optional cPanel/WHM + Installatron or Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition (includes WordPress toolkit).

Root access

Retain full control and configure your server to your needs (up to the operating system level).

Monitoring and alerts

Monitor server uptime and performance (CPU, RAM and Storage) — stay informed with alert notifications.

Backups and recovery console

Set automated weekly backups plus an on-demand snapshot and fix issues (even if you don’t have access to SSH).

Global data centers

Choose from nearby, state-of-the-art data centers in North America, EMEA or Asia-Pacific for faster page loads and a better visitor experience.


Grow your business with VPS through seamless upgrades. There’s no longer a need for those cumbersome, manual migrations.


Enjoy ‘round-the-clock network monitoring with advanced DDoS protection and a free SSL certificate (for the first year) with a dedicated IP.

Try our Onyx Plesk for Windows, look what you get:

Be smart. Stay smart. Back it up.

  • Onyx Plesk
    Easily manage your server, applications and more with this popular, award-winning control panel.

  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Take control of your hosting with this powerful server operating system from Microsoft.

  • Free Applications
  • Free Applications Instantly install applications on your website with just a click.

Windows Plan Details

In addition to our Linux Plans, we also offer Windows Web Hosting

Economy Deluxe Ultimate
Free domain with annual plan yes yes yes
Websites 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Bandwidth Unmetered* Unmetered* Unmetered*
MSSQL 1 x 200MB 2 x 200MB Unlimited x 200MB
SQL 2012 or 2014 hosting Yes Yes Yes
MySQL databases 10 x 1 GB 25 x 1 GB Unlimited x 1 GB
FTP Users 50 50 Unlimited
Database backup/restore Yes Yes Yes
Direct database access Yes Yes Yes
DNS management Included Included Premium DNS
Access with www. Yes Yes Yes
External Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Subdomains 25 Unlimited Unlimited
Multiple Websites - Unlimited** Unlimited**
Alias domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Windows Server 2012 R2 Yes Yes Yes
Plesk 17 .X for Windows Yes Yes Yes
FTS over SSL (FTPS) Yes Yes Yes
Raw access logs Yes Yes Yes
Site statistics Yes Yes Yes
File manager Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft web deploy Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft WebMatrix Yes Yes Yes
Raw Access Logs Yes Yes Yes
Site Statistics Yes Yes Yes
Premium DNS - - Yes
SSL certificate (restrictions apply) Optional Optional Included
24/7 Expert Support Included Included Included
Classic ASP Yes Yes Yes
Server Side Includes (SSI) Yes Yes Yes
Number of files Up to 250,000 Up to 250,000 Up to 250,000
CGI Yes Yes Yes
125+ free applications Yes Yes Yes
Drupal Yes Yes Yes
WordPress Yes Yes Yes
ASP .NET MVC3 Yes Yes Yes
.NET Core Yes Yes Yes
Silverlight 5 hosting, Silverlight 4 Yes Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes Yes
Web mail Yes Yes Yes
Exchange Yes Yes Yes
Auto-responder Yes Yes Yes
Fraud, virus & spam protection Yes Yes Yes
Email privacy & protection with 256-bit encryption Yes Yes Yes
Fully Managed VPS 1 1 2GB 40 GB $104.99
Fully Managed VPS 2 2 4GB 100 GB $119.99
Fully Managed VPS 4 4 8GB 200 GB $149.99
Fully Managed VPS 8 8 16GB 400 GB $194.99
*Disk space includes operating system files, which can be close to 24 GB on a Windows server.
Please take that into consideration when choosing a server size that best fits your needs.
**SSL certificate is included for free as part of your dedicated server product. If you cancel the dedicated server product, you will lose the associated SSL certificate as well.



24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection


1 GB database storage (MySQL Linux)



Flexible, easy-to-use control panel

Fast Connecting

1-click setup for GoDaddy registered domains


What’s Windows Hosting?

Windows Hosting uses hardware running the Microsoft Windows Server operating system. It might be your best bet if you’re already familiar with Windows on desktop computers and would prefer to stick with what you know.

Fans of Windows Hosting will tell you it’s one of the easier web hosting products to use, less complicated when it comes to adding features to expand your website. Windows Hosting is also backed by Microsoft, which regularly provides updates to keep your hosting secure and free of bugs.

On the more technical side, Windows server hosting is the only hardware capable of running the Visual Basic or .NET programming languages. It’s also your best option for scripting Active Server Pages (.ASP).

What are the biggest differences between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting?

Once you start comparing the Linux vs. Windows hosting server, you’ll see the biggest difference when you log in. Linux use a command-line interface, where users enter strings of text to perform actions, compared with the familiar point-and-click interface used by Windows servers.

Some applications and features are only available for one specific type of hosting. For example, the popular cPanel hosting application runs only on Linux servers. Meanwhile, the Visual Basic or .NET programming languages are only available with Windows Hosting.

If any of this sounds overly confusing, check in with your web developer before making a purchase. If you’re planning to create a website on your own but web hosting seems too complex, instead take a look at our easy-to-use Website Builder or Managed WordPress.

What’s Linux Hosting?

With its command-line interface (rather than pointing and clicking) Linux Hosting runs the open-source Linux operating system. While Linux is less common in desktop computing, it’s immensely popular among mobile developers — it powers Android — and game developers.

When people evaluate Livewerks Linux vs. Windows hosting, they learn Linux servers are popular for their security and stability. Linux Hosting rarely need rebooting or restarting, so even complex updates to your website can be achieved with little or no downtime.

The Linux operating system also offers fewer opportunities for hackers to exploit, so they’ll often move on to easier targets when faced with a site on Linux Hosting.

Should I used Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting for my website?

For many people, either type of hosting will be just fine. However, there are a few key differences that might influence your choice between Livewerks Linux vs. Windows Hosting. For starters, Linux Hosting uses a command-line interface that might initially confuse users accustomed to pointing and clicking. That alone might make Windows based hosting your best choice, as its user interface is similar to what you’d find on desktop computers. It’s also your only choice if you need to use Visual Basic or .NET programming languages, or create databases using Microsoft Access or SQL. However, many users swear by Linux Hosting due to its stability and security. When you make even the largest updates to your website or server, Linux Hosting rarely requires a reboot or restart. That means your site will be open for business when visitors come looking. Linux Hosting is also far more difficult for hackers to exploit, so they’ll often move on to another target when faced with a Linux server.

Where can I host my ASP.NET website?

If you’re wondering how to host asp net, you need to use Windows Hosting. Anyone who’s ever asked what is asp net learned that it’s the go-to for a framework requiring far less code to build robust applications. Asp net hosting also simplifies some of the more common tasks involved with creating and maintaining a website, allowing you to focus on providing the best possible experience for visitors.

If you’re evaluating asp net hosting providers, please consider all the perks we offer in addition to our 99.9% uptime guarantee:

1-click installation of more than 100 free applications

24/7 monitoring and DDoS security

1-click purchase for added features like CPU and RAM

1-click setup for domains registered with GoDaddy

4 Special introductory pricing valid for the initial purchase term only. Product renewal pricing subject to change.

Products will automatically renew until cancelled. You may turn off the auto-renewal feature by visiting your Livewerks account.

**While Deluxe and Unlimited Web Hosting Plans support and host unlimited Web Sites, owners of single plans with more than 400 Web Sites may experience periodic decreases in performance.

†† SSL Certificate is free for 1 year with purchase. After the initial free year, SSL will automatically renew at the then-current price until cancelled. You may cancel automatic renewal at any time in your Livewerks account.

* During high-volume call times, we may direct you a customer service representative located outside the U.S.

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