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First impressions are everything. Your business card says everything the first time you hand it to a prospect, potential business partner, vendor or that cute girl you’ve been chasing. Livewerks Marketing premium business card design and printing separates you from the crowd, drives more sales and helps you succeed...

  • Create a beautifully unique design that builds your brand
  • Make a hot statement with our thick card stock and full-color printing
  • Eco-friendly and made in the USA by happy people

Standard Gloss Finish

This finish isn’t too shiny or too dull. It’s just right for those middle of the road prints where you don’t want to seem too flashy, or too subdued.

Hi-Gloss Finish

Looking for a way to make your colors brilliantly bright and shine like a diamond? Select our hi-gloss finish, and your prints could land a jet!

Uncoated Finish

Our uncoated stock, is super easy to write on with both pens and pencils. It’s also a very classical & elegant finish.

Round Corners

Here’s to being different, yet classy! Rounded corners add that subtle bit of, “Yep, I’m not like everyone else” touch. Choose to round 1, 2, 3, or all 4 corners on your order.

Custom Die-Cut Shapes

Want to create a shape no has ever seen? Use our custom die-cutting to create uniquely shaped printed pieces!

Product Specs

Size (Vertical or horizontal): 3.5” x 2”
Resolution: 300 DPI
Color: CMYK
Acceptable File Types: PDF, TIF, JPG, EPS
Bleed: 1/8” each side, total of 1/4” per length and width
Printed: Single Sided, Double Sided

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